About Bachata

Bachata is a lively rhythmic dance from the Dominican Republic. In Bachata the music sets the tempo of the dance moves, the tone, and the interpretation. Bachata has a side-to-side motion and every fourth step has a tap step. A pop of the hips naturally accompanies the tap steps giving Bachata a unique hip-hop flavor.

Taking Bachata lessons will give a contemporary edge to your dance routine. Our private dance classes will give you a quality understanding of Bachata and give you tips on how to spice it up. We recommend private dance classes to get you started and group classes to keep you motivated. Bachata is a social dance and group dance lessons will show you what Bachata is all about: friends, music, and the party.

If you like the sound of our group Bachata classes you will love our dance parties. Energetic, rhythmic, and fun, dancing Bachata is all the above and we want you to celebrate it. Sign up for lessons and use what you learn from attending dance parties. We want you to learn how to express yourself through dance and make connections with other people.