About Salsa Dance

salsaThe steamy Salsa dance was developed in New York but influenced by Latin dance. Salsa is an open dance in which the follower responds to the leaders movements. This dance requires a lot of communication. We recommend private lessons to work on this complicated dance. The effort and the extra attention is worth it.

Salsa is a popular dance. There are clubs, bars, and ballrooms all over the country dedicated to salsa dancing and you will fit in seamlessly after our Salsa classes. Group Salsa lessons will introduce you to the culture of Salsa dancing. Dancing with other couples gives you new moves to work on and will give you a comprehensive understanding of Salsa dance.

Venture out into Salsa clubs and ballrooms but return to us for Salsa dance parties. Dance evolves and there is always something new to learn from us. You will always be welcome to learn and dance at our studios!