About Samba

Developed at the turn of the 20th century, Samba has become an iconic representation of Brazil. Samba dance and music is a festive, lively, and essential part of the Brazilian Carnival celebration. Learn to dance the Samba with us. Every dance class will bring you closer to the joyful feel of Carnival.

The fast pace of Samba makes private dance lessons a good option for beginners. Our instructors will work at your pace to help you learn the basic steps of the Samba. After you feel comfortable with Samba we recommend adding group Samba classes. In group classes we focus on teaching couples to dance in a room together, helping you to develop more style, and learning new moves. Taking dance lessons with other students will introduce you to more instructors and dancers and keep you motivated to learn.

Samba, however, is not all work and lessons. Which is why we put on dance parties at our studio. We want you to experience the culture of Samba and enjoy the dance after your lessons. You may not be able to make it to Carnival in Rio but at our dance parties we do our best to show you a good time.