About West Coast Swing

DanceLearn how to swing dance! Sign up for our swing dance lessons. At our studio we teach two types of swing lessons: West Coast and East Coast swing. Classes in either style of swing dance will provide you with exercise, entertainment, and equip you with a new skill.

West Coast swing is typically a little slower than East Coast swing dance. This dance has a very smooth feel with no bounce or jump to the basic step. Because West Coast swing is slower it is a more versatile dance. After taking our West Coast swing lessons you will be able to master dancing to blues, rock and roll, country; even slower jazz, hip hop, and pop music.

Sign up for private swing dance lessons as a couple or solo. We will tailor your lessons to fit your needs. Whether you want to prepare yourself for group dance classes or prepare for a special occasion we will have you stepping confidently out on to the dance floor.

Group swing dance classes are also available. Group swing dance lessons are the perfect way to give you practice dancing with a variety of partners. Swing is an energetic dance and full of different twists, lifts, and spins. Learning from other dancers will teach you new moves and help you develop your style. A private swing dance class to follow up group dance classes will smooth out any hitches in your new steps and help you add a few more tricks to your routine.

Keep up with your swing with our dance parties! If you are new to swing or you have been dancing for years; dance parties give you a relaxed environment to practice and develop confidence in your dancing. Come out and see us! Dance parties are meant to teach you to enjoy yourself while you dance which is as important as a dance lesson. We hope that once you learn how to swing dance you will not want to stop.