About Tango

tango Learn to Tango from our experienced studio instructors. The Tango is a quick exhilarating dance. Originating in the bordellos of Argentina the Tango has a Latin flavor full of passion and staccato movements. The quick movements of the Tango require a different hold than the other Ballroom dances. The lady places her hand under the mans to create a more secure hold for dips and twists. This dance is perfect for a couple looking for a new and exciting activity. The Tango is a highly stylized dance. Taking private classes for the Tango will give you a coach to make sure you know your steps and insure good technique. Do not be intimidated by the Tango it looks intricate but it is really an incredibly fun dance to learn. Practice with other partners in our group dance classes. You can learn more about Tango from our different instructors and other students. Take what you learn from group classes to perfect your moves and you will be ready to attend an event, perhaps, even attend one of our dance parties. Our dance parties are meant to give you practice with Tango in a relaxed environment where you can learn to love Tango as much as we do. At our dance parties you can dance with instructors, students from our studio, and other dancers in the Chattanooga area. Once you have mastered the Tango you will have knowledge of an exhilarating dance that will be good exercise and great fun.