About Waltz

dancing couple

A simple but classic dance, the Waltz, is tried and true. Dating back to the 1700’s the Waltz is still beloved. This dance is a romantic and beautiful one. The dancers lock hands and arms in an embrace and fall into a box step. The box step coupled with slow waltz music sends the dancers into a fun swaying pattern; which is another reason why the Waltz has stood the test of time.

Whether it has been a while since you have Waltzed or you have never Waltzed before private dance lessons will help you. Through private classes you can gain or regain the steps of the Waltz while learning new spins and holds. Private dance lessons will help you gain confidence to join in on various group dance lessons. During our group dance classes you can learn additional tricks to perfect during your private dance classes and practice with different partners to make you a more versatile dancer.

In addition to our private and group dances we would encourage you to attend our dance parties. A dance party will give you an occasion to dress up and exercise all of the skill you have learned in your dance lessons. What good is a skill if you do not get to use it? Meet dancers from all over Chattanooga at our dance parties, get out of your comfort zone, but more importantly we want you to enjoy yourself.