Dance Lessons and Classes.

Private Lessons

Getting started at our studio is simple and fun! We have an introductory special for new students that gets you moving in no time. The introductory special consists of two 40-minute Private Lessons that are focused on introducing basic steps to you in some of the most popular social dances. This special is $100 total. These lessons are taught by your own instructor, and you do not need to bring in a partner (your instructor will be your partner if you are planning on taking the lessons solo).

For those that want to get a full-immersion introduction to our studio, we are currently offering a Full-Month Introductory Special. This special is only available to those who have not had lessons with our studio before. It consists of four 40-minute Private Lessons, as well as our Standard VIP Card. That means they will have access to all the Beginner’s Group Classes for one calendar month, plus the Dance Social that month. It is $250 for Full-Month Introductory Special. This is our newest introductory offer, and the one with the most savings. Both of these introductory offers are for an individual or a couple. If you just know you are ready to jump in and dance as much as possible right off the bat, then this offer could be best for you!

There are also shared private lessons you can take at our studio. The most common example of a shared private is a group of friends/couples that are already acquainted that decide to take social dance lessons together. They all coordinate their schedules and go out for a night of good food and dancing. In these situations you get the group class atmosphere, but with more individual attention during the instruction (dependent on the size of the group). One big plus of a shared private lesson is that they are progressive. With a shared private lesson you can keep polishing the patterns you are being introduced to, and you have control over the dances that you are being taught. They are a fun way to start learning if you have some friends that want to join in the new adventure.

Group Classes and Dance Socials

A great way to supplement what you are learning in your private lessons is to come to our Group Classes! Our Beginner’s Group Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm and 6:45, unless otherwise noted on the calendar.  Each of these Group Classes is a great component to a fun night out!

The best way to become better faster is to practice, and we provide you that outlet with our Dance Socials! We have one Dance Social a month, on a Friday or Saturday evening. The Socials are 2 hours long, and we dance Tango, to Swing, to Salsa, and all that’s in between! Please check out the calendar or contact us to find out when the next group or dance social will be.

Our group classes and parties are each $15 per individual. We also have a VIP program that starts at $75. The $75 Standard VIP Card gets you all the Group Classes for one calendar month, plus the Dance Social.  Take advantage of the VIP program if you can, it is a fantastic deal!

Members of our social group, the Star Dance Club, receive the group classes, parties, and VIP Cards at a (great) discount. Contact us to find out how to join the Star Dance Club!

Contact Us For More Information And To Sign Up For Your First Lesson.