East Coast Swing- Instruction+Dance!


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This event is two hours of East Coast Swing (raises hands in air)! East Coast is a fun, versatile swing dance, and we are trying an approach with this event that we have done once before. There will be 20 minutes of instruction, followed by 20 minutes of dancing to help ingrain what was taught. That will be followed by 20 more minutes of instruction, then 20 minutes again. That process of instruction then free dancing will be repeated once more, to give the total 2 hours! It is $15 per person to get introduced to some fun steps in East Coast and trying them out to music, starting at 7:30pm on Friday, August 16. No dance experience is needed for this! If you have a little background in East Coast and want a refresher/chance to dance, this is also for you! Contact us with questions!