Partnership Class (How to Lead and Follow)! – Mondays at 7pm


Thank you for choosing us!




This Partnership Class instructs the participants about leading and following fundamentals in Rhythm and Smooth dances, and is our consistent Intermediate Class 🙂

It is led by Dance Director and Owner Kyle Barels, and each class a Rhythm dance and a Smooth dance will be used to increase your ability in leading AND following.

Gender does not matter for this class- Each participant will be learning about and working on leading and following. Some prior dance experience is required, so please reach out before signing up to make sure this class is the right fit for you!

This Partnership Class is an hour long, and is held at 7pm on Mondays at the studio (46 E Main Street) when reflected on the calendar.

Each class is $20.

We are excited to continue to provide this class for those that want to continue working on their dancing-

Thank you for choosing us!