Prom Prep Package! – Four Dance Lessons –


For ages 11-17. Our Junior Ballroom 2-Dance Course consists of four 40 minute private lessons. These lessons will be used for instruction in 2 dances per course. If you would like for the student to have a student partner, the partner will need to also be enrolled in the course. The lessons will be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings, in coordination with the studio’s schedule and the student’s schedule.


Before going to Prom this year, we welcome you to come take a few dance lessons to have something new to bring to the dance floor – Feel free to bring your partner, or come solo if this something you want to try out by yourself beforehand! These four 40-minute dance lessons are intended for use by high-school students to take dance lessons with the goal of being more confident in getting out on the floor at Prom, or any other dance. Swing, Salsa, Slow dancing and more can be introduced in these lessons 🙂 Please reach out with questions, we are here to help and happy to do it!