About Merengue 


Merengue is the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic. Learn the Merengue, the dance of the Dominican people. The Merengue is a sensual dance that focuses on the hips as well as the feet. The hips of the leader and the follower move left and right together through out the dance. In Merengue the man leads with their favored leg. According to legend the dance was developed for a war hero who had been injured in combat so that he could dance more easily at a celebration in his honor.

If you love Latin music Merengue is a dance you will want to learn. Merengue is music that is meant to be moved to. Our dance classes will give you a new understanding of Merengue music. The dance is as lively and dynamic as the music. In our private classes will teach you the basic steps and movement to Merengue.

Group dance classes will add to your private lessons by teaching you how to dance the Merengue with other couples. Attending a group lesson will also help you develop your style. In group classes you will see tricks and flourishes that you will want to adopt. Taking inspiration from your group class back to your private lessons will help you grow as a Merengue dancer.

Whether you are a novice Merengue dancer or have mastered Merengue lessons; we want to see you at our dance parties! Merengue, like most Latin dances is a social one. The best way to dance the Merengue is in a festive atmosphere where you can meet other dance enthusiasts.