Chattanooga Challenge 2023

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Heat List Casey Haywood Kyle Barels Emilie Cole Joel Thomas Smooth Dances 1Waltz Joel Thomas and Sherri Hoff  Kyle Barels and Stephanie Killingsworth Bruce and Pia MacDonald Brooke and Steve Littell Tobias MacDonald and Emilie Cole 2Tango  Kyle Barels and Sunny Sadanandan Joel Thomas and Taylor Roberts Bruce and Pia MacDonald Tobias MacDonald and Emilie Cole 3Foxtrot Kyle Barels and … Read More

Trying to Connect

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OK, I will just go ahead and let you know upfront that I could not get the images to “slideshow” in the back as planned 🙂 I put some effort in, it didn’t happen, and an executive decision was made to go ahead and just upload the pictures the old fashioned way for now and try again next time (insert … Read More

How Things are Panning Out

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     We are in the beginning of Month 3 in 2019, and a pattern of some sort seems to have emerged in group classes… I’m not really sure why that sounds like I’ve been examining wildlife.Our students are refined people, honestly the best people anywhere.      The pattern is that the people in our wonderful community sign up for a … Read More


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We are within the last couple of weeks of the holiday season and I have no idea how we got here. I think the older I get the faster time flows (it is relative). There is a marked difference in this season from last year’s, however. With the new group classes starting up in January, unexpectedly some people are gifting … Read More

Why do people do this?

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     Aside from the upcoming studio activities and everything else that comes with the end of a year, we are planning out a showcase (our first one in a while) for the Spring! It is necessary to keep the activity flowing so our students can consistently work towards their dance(life) goals. The interesting thing is, we rarely have students that … Read More


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I admit I am not getting these posted as regularly as I recently promised myself, but it is a definite improvement over a full year between posts so let’s keep a positive outlook. Thank you to anyone that is reading this that supports our studio in some way- whether that is coming to classes or even just bringing it up … Read More

So, about performing for the first time…

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Good afternoon world, we are firmly in the week now and I hope we are all giving life our best!! I say this as I am trying to figure out what, exactly, has been upsetting my stomach the past few days – I’m giving my best, considering! The Costume Dance last Friday was smaller than the previous party, but we … Read More

Dog Day

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I hope the week is treating everyone well, whether you are working or doing as little besides breathing and eating as possible. I am currently staring at the dog because he is staring at me…so, yes life is great over here. I started rambling yesterday in the blog as I was detailing the studio’s upcoming events, and so I created … Read More

I just want to tell you what we are doing :-)

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I would like to start off by sending positive energy to everyone that has a child in school! To those that are handling more than one child….multiply the energy by infinity. For each additional kid. The studio has been filled with good energy as well! We had a great time at our September Social, and were surprised by a birthday … Read More

Wild Path

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It has definitely been a wild path recently, in that life has been exciting and uncertain at times. Like being on an epic roller coaster that drops you into a free fall and you’re in it for so long that your stomach is coming out past your teeth and you know for certain that isn’t supposed to happen. And, then … Read More