Try us Free Tonight (Because You Deserve It)

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     This year has been amazing so far! The amount of positive people that have been in our studio, and the amount of people that we have affected in a positive manner, has me feeling so….positive. Yep, perfect word.      We teach mostly private lessons at our studio, but the area that we want to develop at this moment is … Read More

You Can Dance

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Three different people have mentioned to me over the past month that they have read the blog posts. I took this as a sign that I should not let them keep falling by the wayside- I honestly thought that noone even knew they existed. So, if you are reading this I invite you to our Open House at the new … Read More


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I thrive on change. I think it’s scary, but I believe it is something that every human needs. I decided to change some of the existing structure at the studio to hopefully streamline things a liiiittle more. Instead of focusing on what exactly from the past has been changed, I have opted to save that space and time and just … Read More

Where to Start Dancing

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Where to Start Dancing Casey Haywood      The New Year is almost upon us (still hard to believe!), and I have been approached by many people who are making dance lessons a part of their New Years’ Resolution. Some say they have wanted to learn for YEARS, while others say their significant other has been asking them to do it … Read More