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I thrive on change. I think it’s scary, but I believe it is something that every human needs. I decided to change some of the existing structure at the studio to hopefully streamline things a liiiittle more. Instead of focusing on what exactly from the past has been changed, I have opted to save that space and time and just present what it is to be a Member NOW at the studio, and the advantages it brings. There are THREE Tiers-

Tier 1 – Is just signing up to be a Member at the studio. It is $25 for one year, per person. Advantages – Group classes are $10 per class, not $10. In-house events (for example, our Swing Night this Saturday) that are $15 become $10 for you. So, Tier 1 provides pretty good savings, and basically you and everyone you know should be Tier 1 if you like the group classes and dance events at our studio 🙂

Tier 2 – All Members can choose to sign up for a calendar month of Unlimited Beginner Group Classes, and our Focus Classes (Intermediate). It is $60 per month. Obviously this Tier is only useful if you can make it out to a couple of Group Classes per week. If you can, and you want to, then you should sign up for this Tier unless you just really like spending extra money and you don’t want me telling you how to live your life.

Tier 3 – If you are Tier 2 in a particular month, then you can add on $50 and get a private lesson for that month in addition to your admission to the Group Classes. That is the third Tier. Considering that is the introductory cost of private lessons that is usually only available to new students, this is also a GOOD deal.

Each Tier is not for everyone, for every month (except Tier 1 – that is for everyone, ever). I hope that this is not too complicated, and that this system will help get our studio closer to being able to provide something for everyone. The next post will be about how we teach our private lessons, which is what we currently do the most of at our studio. Same Dance Time, Same Dance Channel (yes that happened)!

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