You Can Count on Change

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So after a hiatus of over a year and half, I have decided to grace our page with another post. I hope you weren’t holding your breath. Pretty sure you weren’t. However, I come with Great News- All of our Beginner Group Classes will be progressive from now on!!! And the crowd roars!! Basically this means that new patterns and concepts will be added on throughout the calendar month for all of the regularly scheduled Beginner’s classes. I resisted, and gave in, and resisted again because I wanted any Tom, Jane, or (insert your name, I was shooting for something outlandish but everything struck me as at least mildly inappropriate) to be able to walk in off of the street to any group class. So, the current situation is that you should either start at the beginning of the month with the group classes, or choose another one of our events to be introduced to us – We have Couple’s Group Classes, group classes right before events, etc. You could also just choose to use our Introductory Special for private lessons, though I am aware that that is not always what people want to do (See post from 1.6 years ago).

There are a multitude of other changes happening at studio, but I will save that for the next post- This means that I will post sooner and am outsmarting myself. Until Next Time!


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