Try us Free Tonight (Because You Deserve It)

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     This year has been amazing so far! The amount of positive people that have been in our studio, and the amount of people that we have affected in a positive manner, has me feeling so….positive. Yep, perfect word.

     We teach mostly private lessons at our studio, but the area that we want to develop at this moment is our Group Classes! We have changed the schedule for this month to see if having two Group Classes back to back is better for the busy schedule of the population in 2018, as opposed to Group Classes spread out among the weekdays. TONIGHT is the start, and the classes are FREE. You are reading that correctly- FREE Salsa class at 6pm, FREE Waltz class at 6:45pm. And they will progress, so if you keep coming out on Wednesdays in April you will keep progressing through material.

Sooooo go ahead and rearrange your schedule for this evening if you weren’t already planning on coming, and we will see you for some FREE dance instruction at our Downtown Studio starting at 6!

Here is an old squad pic of Kyle and myself with some students who could strike a pose in their sleep-

Have a Great Morning!

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