New Staff, New Schedule (A.K.A. the NewNew)

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Greetings and Grins everyone, it’s summertime and the living is easy if you want to dance….that didn’t really make sense. We make it easy for you to fill your life with dance over the summer 🙂 Slightly better. I am happy to state that we have a magical new person teaching at our studio –

      Emilie comes with experience and is raring to go! She is also a college student and in charge of running another business soooo yes Chattanooga’s new Wonder Woman is taking names. Emilie is teaching our Intermediate Group Class (for anyone who wants to work on concepts past just learning beginner steps in a group setting) and if you think you should maybe check it out then you should definitely do that. Erase the maybe, live your life. In June the class is on Thursdays at 6pm, but in July (starting with the second Wednesday) she will be teaching it right after the Salsa class on Wednesdays (which is scheduled at 6pm, see calendar).

Emilie is not the only NewBlood in town, we have a Michigan transplant that is set to teach the Swing Group Class at a new time in July- Tuesdays at 6pm. Andy is a dreamer, a dancer, and a definite human, and he sent me this pic to post so you know who he is…

     ….I’m not sure why he looks so pensive. Probably wondering why he still hasn’t watched Stranger Things, and why he keeps making those kinds of decisions. In any case he is extremely nice, fun, and extreme (you will discover this) and we are overjoyed to have him.

Quick reminder- for the Beginner Group Classes on the calendar no experience is required, and no reservation. Just appear 🙂

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