How Things are Panning Out

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     We are in the beginning of Month 3 in 2019, and a pattern of some sort seems to have emerged in group classes… I’m not really sure why that sounds like I’ve been examining wildlife.Our students are refined people, honestly the best people anywhere.

     The pattern is that the people in our wonderful community sign up for a class, take it for a month, and are then given the option to continue on with that dance into the next month at a slightly different time slot. This way the same dance can be focused on for more time, and we can get into material past basic beginner steps with the group class students. I like it, I love it, I’m down to continue this. These “continuation” classes are not posted on the calendars, in case you go to look and are confused by their absence.

     The reason I like this so much is because we can continue to help people get better with each type of dance in a group class setting instead of only having private instruction as a way to improve their dancing. SO everything seems to be coming along 🙂

     Side note, we did a Merengue Circle the other night and I want to make this a thing. Basically the Leaders are in the center circle, with the Followers facing them from the outside, and everyone has to do the same patterns so that partners can switch and the shape held. This has been done with other dances, and someone has probably done this with Merengue somewhere (nothing knew under the Sun) but I came up with this so it is original in my mind (angelic smile).

     I’m going to write about this connection game I do sometimes in the next blog post, and the plan is to experiment with a slideshow of background images so if it makes your brain stop working let me know.

Please excuse me Casey, but…what??

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