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I admit I am not getting these posted as regularly as I recently promised myself, but it is a definite improvement over a full year between posts so let’s keep a positive outlook. Thank you to anyone that is reading this that supports our studio in some way- whether that is coming to classes or even just bringing it up to people who might be interested. We appreciate anyone who believes in us!
     On that same note, we want to make the studio more accessible for anyone that wants to dance here. I set up Sign-Up pages on the website for individuals/couples to register for our January group classes, so that is nice and convenient. Additionally, the classes need to be signed up for 4 classes at a time. That means that everyone starts together and completes all four sessions as a group. Mambo and West Coast Swing are the first dances we picked out, both because of the fun playfulness involved. A great way to start off 2019, in my incredibly humble opinion.
      Another convenience is our online shop, where you can print or order certificates for gifts. Definitely a good thing for the holidays when you want to give someone a gift that is different from the usual. I personally am the worst at gift giving (I took an online test and everything, the part of my brain that formulates gift ideas literally doesn’t work), but I think giving an activity/something instructional like dance lessons is cool if you feel that the person/s would enjoy it. I am obviously biased but I get positive feedback so it only backs up my bias 🙂
      Lastly, if you are planning on being around Main Street during Mainx24 on December 1st (just plan on it) then we are having a midday dance party – Again, so convenient! 2pm-4pm, at the studio…and we are also hosting 2 more events- Muse by Fire will be performing there at 12:30, and we are hosting the Neon Masquerade at 2am. Honestly, Mainx24 is a smorgasbord of activities and food, so there is no reason to not make a day out of it. Our party is free, to my knowledge a great amount of things happening that day are free, so freely bring yourself out to enjoy the fun.
     I think that outlines the key things on my mind (studio-wise) right now. I am NOT going to wish anyone a Happy Thanksgiving because I plan on posting before then (it will happen)!

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