Wild Path

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It has definitely been a wild path recently, in that life has been exciting and uncertain at times. Like being on an epic roller coaster that drops you into a free fall and you’re in it for so long that your stomach is coming out past your teeth and you know for certain that isn’t supposed to happen. And, then you’re fine. So life has been like that. In any case we want to thank all the students that have dealt with the staff changes and adjusting we have had to do!

We are putting the group classes on pause after this month, to be restarted and re-energized in January! This will give more options in the evening for private lesson times for the currently smaller staff. I am always a fan of experimentation and change so coming up with ideas to change the group classes to a better format and generally make them more beneficial to everyone has me intoxicated.

Though I have been traveling back and forth I am pleased that I’m still able to get some interesting things on my schedule such as teaching group classes for Ballet Tennessee, in preparation for their Masquerade Ball in October. The studio is also prepping to dance at an event in Georgia hosted by Nelson Rodriguez- Though I won’t get to dance as much as I would like due to life being life, I am pumped that I have students that are still willing to work into my schedule and dance with me 🙂

OK this was just a session of me blurting things out in type so congratulations for making it all the way through!

Now you can see Kingston being a proud mother-

Oh and this is King channeling his inner Miley-

And here he is flirting with death-

Til next time!

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