Dog Day

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I hope the week is treating everyone well, whether you are working or doing as little besides breathing and eating as possible. I am currently staring at the dog because he is staring at me…so, yes life is great over here. I started rambling yesterday in the blog as I was detailing the studio’s upcoming events, and so I created this sequel. I myself have an embarrassingly short attention span so I like to keep my outbursts of sentences concise (and though it doesn’t work I keep on living my life). Aside from what was mentioned in the previous post we have an event we are excited to attend happening November 10. Nelson Rodriguez has this annual event in Dalton with freestyle dancing and showcase numbers.

Freestyle = Different songs are played, and dancers perform a particular dance together, like entries at a competition (there will be no judges at this event, though, unlike a competition).

Showcase = Dancers perform a routine to a song of their choosing, usually with certain costumes and props are optional.

Most of the studio has never been to this so it will be a nice adventure, and the newer students are ready to stretch their legs and get outside of the studio to do dance things.If you would like to come and support us feel free to shoot an email or a strong emotion our way so we can get that handled.

There is still more I want to talk about but I am saving it for the next post. I leave you with this most elegant of creatures!


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