Why do people do this?

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     Aside from the upcoming studio activities and everything else that comes with the end of a year, we are planning out a showcase (our first one in a while) for the Spring! It is necessary to keep the activity flowing so our students can consistently work towards their dance(life) goals. The interesting thing is, we rarely have students that come to us and state they want to perform in a show. Quite the opposite- Our typical client is just concerned with either not looking like they are clueless on a dance floor, or just to learn a handful of basic steps. Despite that, I believe that having performances is essential to a studio like ours. Just like recitals for children, our shows put the “gentle” pressure on to really memorize patterns, to apply all the different things your teacher has asked you to apply to your dancing, and to emote and therefore not be too stuck in your head.

The goal of our shows is never to try and put on a “big show” for the town. Our students are (by definition) not professional dancers. Having their friends and family present is really all that is necessary. We usually would not ask them to sign up for a show within their first couple of months of taking lessons, so someone brand spanking new does not have to worry about us trying to convince them to perform 🙂 Also, even if someone tells you they don’t want to perform, I believe there is a little showmanship inside most of us!…but we are not pushy. OK that was my spiel for the day, not really sure what I was spieling about but I am excited for our Vegas-themed show in April!

     Also, Happy Almost Thanksgiving! I think I still might squeeze another post in before Thursday but now I’m being safe and wishing you a Happy Holiday juuuust in case.

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