So, about performing for the first time…

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Good afternoon world, we are firmly in the week now and I hope we are all giving life our best!! I say this as I am trying to figure out what, exactly, has been upsetting my stomach the past few days – I’m giving my best, considering! The Costume Dance last Friday was smaller than the previous party, but we had new faces and a lot of fun dancing (which is every single dance social) so I have no complaints. Well, I am bothered I didn’t take more pictures throughout the party because there were some snazzy costumes I didn’t happen to grab pics of. I am probably the least social media savvy person in existence that owns their own business, and I insist I am not speaking that into existence- I truly am trying to improve, though 🙂 I am not sure at what age it happened but somewhere in the past I became a much more private person than I had been previously, and I am currently fighting my natural response to keep my thoughts to myself and to instead share them (frequently) with the world. If you understand what I’m talking about from personal experience then you understand my struggle, so keep praying for me.

Rachel is starting her 2 month Performance Group Class sessions tonight and I am overjoyed to have her back in the studio teaching…you have no idea. Not only that, but Dare to Dance (benefiting the Kidney Foundation) is happening in less than two weeks! Both of these things deal with people who have probably never given a dance performance before doing just that- in front of a large group of people. I lift them up in my spirit, because often it is life changing to do that- and I am not being dramatic in the dry fashion I usually write things. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my first studio blog post or not, but my first performance at the studio was 3 weeks after working there and the pressure I put on myself and the anxiety of the situation made it so that I literally stepped out onto the dance floor and performed, but just saw white the whole time. As in, a white light. I didn’t see a single person or object. I have no idea how my body made it through, but it just did. A friend told me her first performance story the other day (she was a teenager at the time with no dance background) and she said that she, too, just saw a white light and didn’t remember anything. So, first off, getting out there and being courageous enough to perform with little to no experience is a major experience in life and if you want to do it, go for it! I encourage it! Secondly, if my experience scares you…it is okay to be scared! Just be frightened and do it. It definitely helps release something inside of you, the same way getting up and giving a speech in front of a crowd does. You will be stronger for the experience.

Strong like this guy (he is seriously going to kill me one day for using his pictures however I want)!

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