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I would like to start off by sending positive energy to everyone that has a child in school! To those that are handling more than one child….multiply the energy by infinity. For each additional kid. The studio has been filled with good energy as well! We had a great time at our September Social, and were surprised by a birthday group dancing through the doors (there is nothing like birthday energy, it is as sweet as raw sugar so feel free to celebrate with us on your own birthday). I personally taught a group class for Ballet Tennessee the next day, in preparation for their Masquerade Ball this month- if you haven’t signed up for this yet, it is October 20 and everyone needs a masquerade party in their life for longevity and prosperity. During my start in this business I don’t recall seeing such a wide range of ages that were interested in ballroom dancing in Chattanooga, but I am pleased daily by the variety of people that show up to events and reach out to us. We have middle schoolers that love to dance, empty nesters, clients in their eighties who start dating new people and are looking for an activity, and we are here for it. Specifically, meeting the younger couples that showed up to Ballet Tennessee was cool, because I often got the impression when I was in my early twenties and dancing that ballroom was either antiquated or exotic, and now I am seeing more people find it accessible and entertaining. Overall it was a great experience!

This month is the first of three months with no regularly scheduled Beginner Group Classes on the calendar, but we are definitely still active. Our Costume Dance Party is next Friday, and that kicks off with a group class for those new to dance (and I love seeing people costumed and ballroom dancing, it feels like being in a Halloween TV movie special). Rachel will be teaching again this month, newly a mother and already out to take over the world (endless props to her)! She is teaching a series of classes on Smooth dances (like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot) specifically for a performance at the USA Dance Holiday Ball on December 14. So if you typically don’t have plans on Tuesdays (and not having plans is rare in this day and age, so this is a reach for most of you I’m sure) then you should totally make this your plan. As far as our Beginner Group Classes, we are putting together a page on the website THIS MONTH to sign up for classes starting in January. With all the participants signing up beforehand, the class can move along at a MUCH better rate. If you have read other blog entries or been coming to our classes for a while you will know that we have actually tried to do this before, but we felt bad about blocking walk-ins from the group classes because often people have an extremely narrow window in which they can get away from the kids/work/other obligations to come try out our studio. We are going to stick to our guns this time though, to give those that sign up beforehand the best experience possible.

There are definitely more things I want to write about but this is already twice as long as I wanted this post to be, so the plan is to post again tomorrow. But, before we part ways, please look at this kid going to school about to school his friends in fashion with this pink button up (for Breast Cancer Awareness)!

I had to get this side of him in the picture due to the fact that he cut off chunks of his right eyebrow at school because why not.

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