About Foxtrot


Learn how to Foxtrot! The Foxtrot, is a graceful dance; characterized by long sweeping movements. The Foxtrot is deceptively easy looking, but not to worry dance classes will break down this beautiful dance for you into easy steps. Learning to dance the Foxtrot is worth the effort. After mastering the Foxtrot you will be able to glide with impressive grace about the dance floor to the tune of blues, ragtime, and even rock and roll.

Private Foxtrot lessons will give you one-on-one attention to help you focus memorizing the pattern of this complex dance. Private dance classes will also help you prepare for group dance classes where you can learn to take to the floor with other couples around you. Group dance lessons will give you a chance to practice your dancing with different partners. After a group dance class you will have a better understanding of your dance style and theirs.

We would like to encourage you to take on Foxtrot lessons and use the skills you have learned. We want you to have as many opportunities to dance as possible. Attend events on your personal calendar but also attend our dance parties! Attending our dance parties will give you an opportunity to meet more people who can fall into step with you and the Foxtrot.