Chattanooga Challenge – May 13th


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Dance with us at the Chattanooga Challenge this May 13th! Doors will open at the GranFalloon between 5pm and 6pm on that Saturday to bring everyone attending a night full of dancing. This event is a miniature Ballroom Dance Competition- Competitions are at minimum a full Day of activity, however we are packing the punch into one evening 🙂

There will be dancing throughout the event, divided into “entries.” When you sign up to participate in the Challenge, that registration comes with twenty entries. An entry is a time where you will be dancing a particular dance, with your partner (your Instructor, if your Instructor is your dance partner). You will have the opportunity to sign up for additional entries after we have our initial registration.

Participants will all be receiving feedback from the Ballroom Dance Coaches we will have in attendance. There will be food and drink available, and this is an exciting opportunity for all of us to work towards a goal and really improve our dancing MUCH faster than working with no goal. Please talk to your instructor about participating in the Chattanooga Challenge- Thank you for deciding to Challenge yourself!